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Beautiful Hijabi

The sun doesn't lose its beauty when it's covered by the clouds, the same way your beauty doesn't fade when you're wearing your hijab                                                                                                                  Art by Amana
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   ♡  [ The Great Wave off Kanagawa ]  ♡ This is my first time attempting to make a process video for any of my artwork, hope you enjoy. To see more of my work and behind the scenes follow on IG.  Acrylic painting - F.P.M.


verily with every hardship, comes ease ~ Quran 94:5.’. With everything that is happening worldwide, let’s stay patient, stay home, stay safe and this too shall pass In Shaa Allah 💛 - Fathima Farha

Womens' Conference - ’Me and My World’

Search Results Web results The Womens' conference 2020 ‘ Me and My World ’ was a celebration of our identities as Muslim women. I really enjoyed the women’s conference. I listened to some very inspirational speeches by some very important and motivating women. I particularly liked the first speech by our chief guest Rahmathunisa and the speech by Fatima Regina. I met up with some of my old friends and met some new friends as well.  I think it was a very well organised programme and I’m very happy that many women attended to listen to the speeches. The journey was very memorable as we went in a coach with lots of friends. Overall I had a really great time. - Maryam  ✨ lSearch Results Web results 🕊️    Women’s Conference videos Click the link to view more content from 'Me and my world' Womens' conference 2020.